Where to Watch ‘Dune’ Stream online ?

Dune Movie

The Short Story about Dune 2021 Movie

It’s basically good looking people fighting ugly people in futuristic suits, some daft names and very little storyline. Lynch’s Dune had some grit and balls the current version of Dune is like a giant fancy Gateaux cake that looks amazing but tastes of nothing and is simply full of sugar.

Director: Denis Villeneuve
Stars: Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac

Is it really possible to stream Dune movie online ?

The answer is, Yes! We have found the choices where you can stream the full movie. It’s very easy just keep reading. As you already know the production company Warner Bros has released the Dune movie in October, and got a large gross in theaters. The movie is ready for streaming online at HBO Max service.

Dune Movie Review

“Dune” is a great book and it, along with its sequels, are compelling reading. However, they are NOT short nor light reading and to make a decent version of the first book, it’s hard to imagine doing anything other than making a mini-series. This was one of several reasons why I hated the David Lynch version from 1984. It crammed so much stuff into such a short film that it often was confusing….and the director himself hated the film. Apparently, the studio took the movie away from him and hacked it to pieces…thus making it so confusing. Because of this, I was not interested in seeing this 2021 version….until I learned it was only part one and the second film would complete the first “Dune” book.

So, from the outset, this film can’t help but be better than the 1984 version. BUT, it manages to do something I didn’t expect…it’s actually TOO long…or so it felt due to the pacing and ridiculous number of big scenes were not much happens but you see a lot of eye candy…along with very moody music. In many ways, it reminded me of the first “Star Trek” movie…which was so long and tedious…and had too many scenes where you just see a ship flying through space! And, in “Dune: Part One” there are too many scenes like this and not enough emotion and dialog. In other words, it seems to need a more personal and human tough to make it a truly great film. Now I am not saying it’s bad or to avoid it. But the film could have been tightened up a bit and paced better.

Fortunately, if you have never read “Dune”, this film is approachable and does follow the book closely.

This movie is an auditory and visual spectacle, I will not lie. But every other aspect is mediocre. We have some real acting powerhouses here (Chalamet, Ferguson, Isaac, Momoa, Brolin, Skarsgard, Bardem) who are trying their best, but are given so little to work with. Batista is serviceable, Zendaya has nothing to do in the movie and is a meh actress anyhow, Momoa is lackluster as always.

I’ve never read Dune but I have a basic knowledge of the plot and it strikes me as something that would be best served as a TV show, and with some heavy plot reworking to get some B plots going while the A plot is still slow-rolling.

The plot is slow and meandering, with many pointless scenes and lots of talking about nothing. Things don’t start HAPPENING until the last act. Ferguson spends most of her time crying, Chalamet spends most of his time smirking, whispering, and having dreams of Zendaya standing around. There is no climax, the movie just ends with the assumption you’ll go see Part II. Give this one a pass.

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